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7 Ways to Make Money With Facebook

7 Ways to Make Money With Facebook

Open your eyes.

Every article on monetization does not revolve around traditional tactics for making money online.

Let's be realistic and a bit creative.

People are smart and they use social networks very well.

And Facebook is at the top of the list.

Be ready for this. In all serenity to understand.

If you are stressed, save this article and read it when you feel motivated and want to start something more serious.

I want this article to work for you.

I really did some research before I started writing this article.

Because I want it to work for you. So, I'm fairly certain that if you take your time to read this article, it will give you at least one direction to make money using Facebook, if you are not a social networking ninja.

That's what's beautiful.

Have you ever heard of the sale of I like Facebook?

If it's yes, then forget that, forever.

What is amazing about this guide?

One of the coolest things about this guide is that the more you enter, the more you build your Facebook activity. You will use Facebook as a leverage to build your empire.

Do you think about online frauds and scams?

Would you like to start a business based on a scam?

No …

Is not it?

No worries, you will not go into any fraud or scam.

Let's understand Facebook

Imagine, Facebook as a city.

You move to a new city, buy a home, start your new life and look around to start a business.

Everything looks cool.

What will you need next?

You will need the following things in a new city:

Relationships with people to learn more things
Friends to help you settle
A neighbor to socialize
Experienced people
So, when you join Facebook or start using it in a better way, following tips and tricks, you will also begin to build your business and earn money. Because this is the reality of today's social networks, you will have to use one of its networks one way or another.

So why not start understanding and making your impact?

Here are 7 Ways to Make Money With Facebook:

1 - Sell on a Facebook group

One of the ways to build a community is to use the "Facebook Group" option. As we discuss the lucrative aspect via Facebook, this must be covered.

Because Facebook now provides an option to start selling items inside a Facebook Group, but all of this happens when your group has the right audience for that, which means building a community there is really his role.

How to make money with a Facebook Group?

Last year, Facebook featured "buying and selling" in Facebook groups, which makes it easier for someone to sell on Facebook. There will always be a few limited functions and it depends on how we use it to our advantage.

It all starts with a Facebook group, once you have it, you need a committed community in that group and once you get it, you need a product to sell.

Once an entrepreneur or marketer has a product to sell, he can certainly take a step further with his Facebook group to start using it.

Do not limit yourself only with this option, in fact, a well-managed Facebook group can be a closed group with limited access to certain members or clients, and we can offer them special access with content that is valuable, and which is not available to others.

So, it's more or less, how you model the option to make money.

2 - Use the Facebook page

The Facebook page is an essential part of Facebook when it comes to companies, websites, celebrities and brands. A company would prefer to build a Facebook page than a Facebook profile because it's the best thing to do.

So, it is quite important to know that how the Facebook page can be used (as an option) to make money online.

Let's not go into the basics, because just about everyone knows Facebook pages.

Thus, I will show the different strategies that will be both free and paid for the use of Facebook pages to make money on Facebook:

Advertising on Facebook: When it comes to advertising on Facebook, everything starts with the option on the Page, you will have to install your advertising account through your Facebook account but you can not start to do advertising if you have not created a page to promote your content or the page itself. So advertising is part of paying methods to make money on Facebook. It's a big topic, I'll send you a training on it soon.
Content Creation: The success of a Facebook page starts with the creation of good content and is measured by how your audience likes and shares that content. Whether you're advertising for your page or promoting your content through engagement, once you've built an audience that's engaged (+ shares like), you're getting several opportunities to make money on your Facebook page.

Videos and Articles that buzz: videos and articles require a lot of work upstream, but once it's done and it works, your content can become viral, which ultimately gives you many opportunities monetization in terms of brand and sponsorship.

3 - Launching the marketing of Facebook pages

Selling Facebook pages, or occasionally selling them, can save you a lot of money. Nevertheless, it depends on several criteria:

The subject or niche of your Facebook page: An "easy to create" and "common" Facebook page, for example on a humorous topic, will not be worth as much as a Facebook page focused on ready-to-wear or marketing.
The popularity of a Facebook page: The more there is mention I like, the more engaged there are, the more the page will be worth a lot.
To sell a Facebook page there are several ways to do it:

Propose his Facebook page to professionals or individuals, contacting them directly.
Go through specialized sites like FameSwap / AchatPage / AVPF

Propose its Facebook page on specialized website sales sites or forums that includes many webmasters.

4 - Using the Facebook Audience Network

Here is a little technical thing.

If you are an entrepreneur, webmaster, blogger or application developer, then this strategy to earn money might interest you. Facebook's Audience Network provides an opportunity for webmasters and application developers to use Facebook's advertising network to earn money by reaching the mobile audience.

Facebook has the network of 3 million advertisers. Thus, Facebook created this platform of advertisements to help creators to monetize their mobile properties. In fact, the Mobile Web Beta has been put online to allow publishers to monetize mobile website traffic through the Facebook Audience network.

THE INSTANT article is a recent launch of Facebook, which is a technology for online publishers to have quick access to Facebook to their articles through the RSS feed.

 With this technology enabled, a reader will not have to go to a browser after clicking on an article, because by using the Facebook app on the mobile phone, this will open the article quickly directly from Facebook. This becomes another opportunity for publishers to earn money from Facebook. Monetization in Instant Articles would work with the Facebook Public Network too.

5 - Advertising for its Products

Advertising for products on Facebook is the easiest way to start making money online, but it does require that you spend money first to get started, with no need for it. has no guarantee that you will make a profit.
It depends more or less on factors such as the type of advertising campaign, the target audience, the nature of the product, the price and the design of the advertisement. Once everything is done right, you can easily start selling things via Facebook ads.
This method, as mentioned above, is done online marketers or product manufacturers who can use Facebook ads (by spending money before winning) and wait for things to happen (hoping for a good return on investment).

The key elements of a Facebook Advertising Campaign are:
Campaign Type: It all starts with the type of campaign. When you start an advertisement on Facebook, you are asked to choose the type of campaign you want to do. Once you choose the right campaign to start advertising, the rest of the work becomes easier. Selecting the campaign type influences the success and failure of your ad campaign. Because if you choose the wrong campaign, no matter how much you spend, it will not work because you will encounter the wrong audience.
Audience Selection: Audience selection is the most important part of Ads on Facebook. If that's okay, chances are your campaign will work. Because advertising to a bad audience means that you will show your ads to someone who is not interested in your ads and you will always pay for it.
Advertising design: the form of advertising includes design, color and written text. You need to choose the appropriate colors and text style that the audience could relate to. The form of advertising involves all those things that together give a complete picture of your ad.
Segmentation: Segmentation refers to the process in which you specify an audience of the population. The Facebook announcement system gives you a chance to choose your audience based on the territory, the behaviors, the interests and a little more choice.
Budget Estimates: You must also choose your budget directly before submitting your advertisement for approval.
This short guide is not specifically a Facebook Ads Guide, but the purpose is to mention that the Facebook Advertising option can make you money online on Facebook.

But if you do not have a product to sell or articles with affiliate links to promote, then Facebook ads alone can not help you.

6 - Booker clients as a consultant

If you have not heard of selling tips on Facebook, then you can stay here and read more. Because there are experts who use this lever on Facebook.

If you thought Facebook was only the place to connect with old friends and relatives abroad, then you need to make an update on the buzzword called "Social Networks" ...

All you need is to find your talent, which means:

What can you sell?
What can you offer?
What do you know better than others?
What areas do you like?
What are your passions?
There is always something where everyone is good. Finding what it is can sometimes be difficult.

Once you find that the thing is in you, you can explore a lot more.

Facebook has already provided an option with a call to action button for Facebook Page owners to add it to the menu of their pages. This often helps experts and consultants engage with prospects by leading them to their websites.

It's there and it's up to us to see how we use it.

7 - Sell your services


If you think that what makes the difference between this 7th method to make money on Facebook with the rest seen more baut, where in one way or another the sale via the pages or groups on Facebook has been discussed So, I would say that the difference is with the approach we have.

You can create your Facebook page to just create your Facebook page, or you can create a Facebook Page to sell your service.

On your Facebook page, what you do and propose must be clear.

If you have something to sell, Facebook is the right place to do it.

These groups and Facebook pages seem a very common thing for us as we see them every day, but when it comes to starting to use them for our own business, then it gives you a hard time as well as it opens up opportunities for the few people who want to make money online by starting to sell something with their own hands.

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