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5 apps to make real money ... you know it

5 apps to make real money ... you know it

The conditions we all face are very difficult, and everyone needs more extra money to spend the holidays. Today, however, everyone is able to earn a substantial profit from these applications, which enables you to make real money from your Android and IOS devices.


Bitwalking is a new application that allows you to earn money in BitWalking ($ BW).

The application was launched in September last year, but is still in its early stages. Once loaded all you have to do is keep moving or walking to earn money. You have to walk up to the 10,000 step limit to earn $ 1BW.

When you launch this application, the company says you will be able to get your money for the items displayed through its own store, or transfer funds to your bank account. But this service is still under test and may be subject to change in the future.


Slidejoy is an application available on Android devices only.

In short, this app displays news and announcements on your main phone screen, and in return you can earn "carats" that can be exchanged for real money and check them in your PayPal account.

Once you subscribe to this application you get 20 carats, and you will need 2000 or more to check for anything external - every 1000 carats equals one dollar.

The number of carats you will receive each day can vary, knowing that you will not get any extra carats if you interact with ads, so there is no incentive to click on them if you do not want to see what is displayed.


Pact is one of the most unusual money making applications since it focuses on your exercise system.

Once you have downloaded this application you must sign a treaty based on eating, how many times you plan to work out etc. and pledge the amount you will pay if you achieve those goals.

If you achieve the desired goals you will receive rewards paid directly from members who failed to achieve their goals.

The company says the average bonus ranges from $ 0.30 to $ 5 a week, depending on the number of activities it commits. The amount you pay does not affect your activity and your revenue.

The downside of this is that you may end up at a great cost of money if you do not stick to your goals.

Google Opinion Rewards

In short, once the application is loaded, it will show many questionnaires over and over again. In answer to some questions - they are just a few questions, and tell you the number of participants in each poll - and you get a small amount of credit directly added to your Google Play balance, where you can replace it with movies, games, apps and anything else For sale there.

The amount you get is small, but each scan takes such a short time worthwhile, provided you are happy in sharing the data. It is worth noting that not all surveys have compensation, but the majority do.


Foap is a well known application to convert your photos into cash. All you have to do is upload your photos and sell them through the Foap Market - keep things simple, and cost $ 10 each image to buy.

Creators receive half of each sale, and money can then be transferred to your bank account.

What makes Foap attractive is its simplicity and ability to download screenshots directly from your phone from other imaging applications such as Instagram, Flickr and IM.
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