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Make money with a free blog: possible or not?

Make money with a free blog: possible or not?

Have you ever thought about the mechanisms to generate income or make money with a free blog? Of course, just take a look around and you'll find tons of tips, but what you may not know is that most of these tips are out of context, few precise and superficial.

Monetize your blog: by or start

Before you begin, it is important that you know one thing: monetizing your free blog will require quality work, follow-up, patience and a lot of courage. In other words, you will be virtually delivered to yourself. However, this should not be a drag on your ultimate passion.

Apart from being alone, there is a basic requirement that you must fulfill before you start wanting to make money with your free blog. This condition is the popularity that will affect your traffic, which, too, should play an important role. These are your visitors, followers that will allow you to earn money with a blog, at least as regards the first tip that we will develop here and that can be summed up in one word: advertising.

Internet advertising

This is not only one of the simplest tricks, but it is also one of the least restrictive. In fact, it is very practical because it allows you to earn money without having to do much, or to annoy you beyond measure.

Google Adsense

One of the best known advertising services is Google Adsense. This service offers users many banner ads that will appear on their page, and the pay is done in PPC (Pay Per Click). This means that every time a visitor visits your free blog and clicks on one of the displayed advertisements, the site owner wins something. This amount of money may amount to only a few cents, but the advantage lies in the accumulation of the number of clicks made.

Sponsored partnerships

Apart from Google Adsense, there are other ways to advertise without having to bombard your banner page. These are sponsored partnerships. This type of partnership involves an advertiser contacting you and specifically asking you to advertise one of its services or products for a fee. Some advertisers even send samples of the product to be tested for free so that the blogger can promote them. However, this type of marketing is punished by Google if certain conditions are not met.

Sell ​​an inset

If none of the two methods mentioned above hang on you, then you can also sell an insert on your site. This is one of the least burdensome forms of passive income advertising for the blogger. This method is that you rent a part of your blog to an individual, or a company, who wants to increase the visibility of its services. The price set for this type of contract may vary depending on several factors, but if certain conditions are met (especially the number of visitors), you could win really big.


Affiliation is the classic system for anyone wishing to make money with a free blog, without having to create any product themselves. This system connects two parties, namely the affiliator (the company or the brand) and the affiliate. This is somewhat of a mix of banner ads and sponsored partnerships, since the idea is of course to promote a product, while adding or banner or a link that redirects to the product . Of course, the link or banner has a code that will tell the affiliator the source of the marketing.

This type of contract is really advantageous for the buyer as well as for the seller and the affiliate. Indeed, the latter (you in this case) receives a commission on each sale made thanks to him, while the purchase price remains the same for the buyer who has before that, the opportunity to learn more about a product and find it without looking for it. The seller enjoys a serious advertising that allows him to sell.

Sell ​​your own products

Yes ! To sell ! Once you've worked hard to make your blog known and have tons of visitors, it's time to enjoy it. There are tons of companies and brands on the market that would like to expand their customer base. So you can sell them your address book.

Also, apart from this, there are a multitude of things that you also have the opportunity to sell, including job offers, online coaching, subscriptions, files, training, videos, products ... You can even sell products that you do not have in stock, or sell products that have never existed. This is not bad faith? No because there is a mechanism to create the product as soon as you have potential customers. The possibilities are therefore endless!

Make money with a free blog, yes it is possible!

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