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16 sites that pay you for testing (products, websites ...)

16 sites that pay you for testing (products, websites ...)

 sites to make money on the internet by testing websites

Come on, this is the last part about testing. Admit it's cool to get paid for testing products, services, restaurants ... right?

And here, I even suggest you get paid to test a website. 7 or 8 euros for a test session of about 15 or 20 minutes. To test a website is to give your impressions on the ergonomics of a site, to see if you easily find the information you are looking for, if the buying process is easy ... You just need to have a webcam and 'a mic.

I recommend 1 site, and also gives you the address of another site that I do not know and that I discovered by chance.

Testapic: This site is very popular and many people are already registered: you will probably have to wait a little before your first test ... but who tries nothing has nothing.
UserLynx: pays 8 euros per test, but I had no feedback on this site. If you used it, do not hesitate to tell me about it.

institutes to become a mystery shopper and test services

We remain a little in the register of paid surveys (see above) but this time in a hidden way. It's about becoming a mystery shopper.

Your mission is simple: you have to go to a shop, restaurant or other and test the service offered, the attention you have received. You note all this and then send a report.

It is often used by the departments of major franchises to check the quality of the work and assess the perception of customers.

My girlfriend for example had the opportunity to test a gym franchise that allowed her to win 15 €. Another time, he was offered to test a restaurant in an airport: the meal paid + a compensation of 10 euros (for travel). So it pays quite well - finally, as in the case of consumer meetings, it is not a payment but a compensation to cover the costs.

Some sites often recommended, especially by my readers:

Reflet Client

Bare International

5 sites to participate in consumer panels

The paid survey sites I mentioned above are all fully online: you fill out a questionnaire and give your opinion or share your consumption habits.

But sometimes you have to move and participate in what are called consumer meetings. This is often done in big cities, and these meetings can last several hours. Remunerations are more interesting - although we are talking about compensation rather than compensation - but that requires moving.

You can consider winnings from € 7 per hour, often much more.

The sites I recommend:

Paroles de Conso: a long list of opportunities, although most are in Paris

Qualipsy: site a little old, I'm not sure that the site still works, you tell me.

Testez pour nous: compensation from € 7 per panel, payable by gift voucher. Tests of food products and cosmetics in Aix-en-Provence, Nantes and Paris.
Targetconso: Offers meetings, groups and panels online. Mainly in Paris or at home. Compensation from 15 € per hour.
Reunions-Consommateurs: variable compensation between 20 € and 305 € depending on the criteria (for 305 €, I still ask to see). Meetings organized throughout France (Paris and major cities).

3 sites that pay you to test products

We are still in the same category, ie the test, but this time I suggest testing new products (before their release) and give your opinion from home.

The sites in this list will send you products for free for you to test them, and sometimes even pay you a few euros for the test.

If you can not move or do not have a lot of time, this is a great alternative to consumer meetings (but the compensation is much lower).

The products to be tested are often food or cosmetic products, but I have already seen ads for baby products for example.

The 3 reliable sites that I recommend: you compensate by giving you money, gift certificates or free products. The latest products tested: a mini Chupa Chups and a chewing gum Freedent. another site similar to the previous one.
Mon avis le rend gratuit: in partnership with Carrefour, you offer to give your opinion in exchange for coupons or get the product for free. Works via a mobile app.

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