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How to Make Money in Internet E-commerce Drop Shipping & Shopify

How to Make Money in Internet E-commerce Drop Shipping & Shopify

Studies show that online sales are increasing, while physical outlets struggle to keep up, as people become more and more used to shopping online from home. As e-commerce is booming, it's easy to understand the development of online shops.


If you are also planning to open your online store, you should also be interested in Dropshipping rather than opening a traditional store that stores its own products. A Dropshipping contract is a partnership with a wholesaler where you take care of selling its products. When a customer places an order, you report it to the wholesaler who makes the shipment and pays you your commission on the sale.

The main advantage of Dropshipping is that you eliminate the cost and risk of owning your own stock. Plus, getting started in Dropshipping is very simple. All you have to do is focus on setting up your online store and business development. Problems with order fulfillment are the responsibility of the wholesaler, so you can focus on increasing your sales.

If you would like to start Dropshipping to earn money, you can find wholesalers looking for partners on Salehoo.

Pros and Cons of Dropshipping

Let's take a closer look at how Dropshipping works.

You sign a contract with a wholesaler, you become an independent seller of its products. He owns the entire stock. You will never have to touch a product yourself, and you will not be liable for these products. This allows you to focus on developing your income online!

Once the Dropshipping contract is in place, you sell the products either through your own online store or via a website such as Amazon or eBay.

Here's how a sale goes.

The customer finds the product he wants on your website, adds it to his cart and pays using a classic online payment service.

2. You receive the confirmation of the sale (and the Marketplace takes its commission)

3. You send the information to the wholesaler regarding the order and you pay for the cost of the goods.

4. You keep what's left: it's your margin.

5. The wholesaler executes the order and sends the goods to the customer.

6. You take care of all the communication with the customer, you let him know when his order is confirmed, keep him informed of the sending and you take care of the questions and the possible requests.

The most important part of a Dropshipping relationship is trust. You must be entirely sure that the wholesaler will send the product in good conditions and within a reasonable time. The wholesaler must trust you in the payment of the order. Each of you has to face risks, but if you work with a recognized wholesaler, you should not have a problem.

The benefits of Dropshipping

Why is it better to do Dropshipping rather than open a classic online store? Some answers to this question below:

1. No purchases
When you do Dropshipping, you have the opportunity to sell products without having to buy these goods first. This means that you need less financial investment to get started. Also, you save yourself planning supplies, and you do not have to try to predict what products will please or not your customers. This allows you to expand your range.

2. No stock
Whether it's a virtual or physical store, managing your inventory is a heavy and expensive task. When you do not sell commodities you have to depreciate them and sell them at low margins or even at a loss. You can forget all these problems with Dropshipping.

3. Simplicity
As the owner of the store, you will be able to focus solely on developing your market and the quality of service you offer to your customers. You will have no need to pack, manage carriers or waste time in inventory management. With sites like Amazon or eBay, you do not really need to spend money to put a website online anymore. That's why you can quickly make money with this method.

4. The legal aspects
Dropshipping is completely legal. Although you might think that this is a rather unusual practice, you have actually already bought a good via Dropshipping without even realizing it, because many sellers on eBay or Amazon use this technique at least partially.

How to find partners to make Dropshipping?

Earn money with Dropshipping

As we mentioned earlier, trust is essential for a good Dropshipping relationship. That is why it is important to find a wholesaler established for several years with a very good reputation that will provide you with a fast and professional shipping service.

Know that you will certainly be free to work with several suppliers. In fact it's even better, in case it does not go well with one of your partners.

How much money can you potentially earn?
The amount of money you have to earn by doing Dropshipping can vary greatly. Initially, you can expect to earn between 175 € and 375 € per month, but with the time income can become a number with 5 or 6 digits. The way you manage your business, the quality of service and products you provide, as well as the public interest in your range contributes greatly to your ability to make a good living by doing Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a great way to make a living on the net, and you'll be able to earn additional income in the long run. Compared to other methods on this site, Dropshipping requires a start-up investment in terms of time and effort to get started. But as soon as you are your first customer, your number will increase steadily and surely.
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